Laura Puikkonen

About Me


I am happiest when I'm outdoors and calmest when I'm above the tree line. During my 26 years I have always felt more attracted to nature than big cities and preferred hiking boots over high heels.

I come from Finland and love living in a country of four seasons. Still, I have had the urge to go even further north ever since I can remember. When I was 14 my dad took me on a trip to Svalbard and that sealed my passion for rugged and remote landscapes of mountains and the Arctic. Besides the remote areas of the north I have a lifelong interest in birds, mammals and their behavior. 

In a world where many spend excessive amounts of time indoors surrounded by screens, apps and devices, I love to document people following their urge to explore the great outdoors and show the beauty that hides behind every mountain and every tree. I wish that my photographs inspire people to get out even when it is not the sunniest day of the summer and take more adventures.

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